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I am Craig Johnson, CCIM, RECS, a Broker for Northwest Equities Investment Real Estate Services, Inc., specializing in leasing, sales, and consulting of office, industrial, and retail properties in Clark County, Washington. I am a Washington and Oregon licensed broker with 27 years of real estate experience and I look forward to sharing my knowledge of commercial real estate with you.


When 3 Bedrooms are not better than 2, or 1, or none

In the close in Portland, OR Apartment Market, 3 bedroom units have a significantly higher vacancy factor than two or one bedroom units. In recent market statistics from CoStar for the north and northeast Portland Apartment Market, for properties 2 to 10 units in size, vacancy for 3 bedroom units was over 10%, as compared to two bedroom at just under 8%. Contrasting that, one … Read more »

Accountants Dumpster Diving?

There may be cash in those construction dumpsters.  Under the final tangible property regulations issued in September, you can write off the remaining life of certain items that you removed or abandoned in place in a commercial building and get a tax deduction based on the remaining useful life of that item at the time it was disposed of or abandoned…..but don’t expect your accountants … Read more »

Can You Really Run Your Commercial Real Estate Business From an iPad?

What has really made the iPad and other tablets useful over the last several years is the explosion of Apps that have become available. The result is that the iPad has become much more than a platform for checking email, web surfing, and watching YouTube videos. While I still have a desktop computer in the office and am certainly not ready to give it up, … Read more »

How I Use Evernote To Keep Track Of Everything

I have been using Evernote for about a year in a rather hit and miss fashion. In the last three months, I began to use it in a very focused way to keep track of everything for both business and personal use. Evernote is a very powerful tool, however it is not terribly intuitive, and it was only after I read Dan Ouellette’s book, “A … Read more »

How Will Changes in Technology Affect Future Demand For Office Space?

Current Office Building

According to Jim Young, CEO of RealComm, a commercial real estate and technology advisory firm, “A growing number of corporate property owners say they have up to 50 percent excess leased office space and their goal over the next five to seven years is to eliminate that space” Mobile technology is not only making these changes possible it is driving office culture.  According to an … Read more »

Denali National Park, a Place of Extremes….

Picture of Mt. McKinley (Mt. Denali for Alaskans)

Cynthia and I just returned from a week up in Alaska, mostly around Denali National Park. Encompassing 6,000,000 acres, roughly the size of Massachusetts, it is one of the largest nature parks on the planet.  It includes most of the Alaska Range with Mt. McKinley(Mt.Denali to Alaskans) being the crown jewel. Unlike the National Parks in the “lower 48”, there is only one road, one … Read more »

Q3-The new commercial real estate value paradigm?

Costar Building Oblique

The long standing value paradigm in this industry has always been “Location, Location, Location”.  Perhaps that is beginning to change to “Q3”, a term coined by Stewart Title Chief Economist, Ted Jones in a recent presentation he made in Portland, Oregon here recently.  Q3 is shorthand for the new Paradigm, “Location Quality, Property Quality, and Tenant Quality”. Case in point, The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) … Read more »

Is Now The Time to Buy or Refinance Commercial Real Estate?

Last week Bill Gross, who runs the world’s largest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Co., sold all government related U.S. debt from PIMCO’s $237 billion Total Return Fund. You may be thinking, “Why is this tidbit of news important to us?” Good question. When someone who is as knowledgeable about the bond market as Mr. Gross decides to get out of U.S. bonds there’s … Read more »

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